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(This option also comes with the I'm Possible Trainer Portal) For the I'm Possible Trainers aiming to join the Elite of I'm Possible.

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I'm Possible Training has been the world's largest basketball training organization for almost a decade. In that time frame, hundreds have been certified with I'm Possible Training in Skill and Game Enhancement. However through that process a group of Skill Enhancement trainers have moved there way up the ladder as I'm Possible's most elite trainers. With the explosion of Skill Lab facilities and I'm Possible's ever growing focus of utilizing our Skill Enhancement methods, training up more elite Skill Enhancement trainers has become I'm Possible's most pressing objective. The I'm Possible Mastery Portal is designed to give our most dedicated trainers a continuing education experience to be elite and gain I'm Possible's most coveted opportunities.

Other Benefits

- Receive access to utilize the I'm Possible personal training program through the I'm Possible App

- Receive eligibility to direct an I'm Possible Skill Lab facility

- Receive eligibility to become an I'm Possible Elite trainer in status and opportunities

- Receive access to NBA workout footage, exclusive Skill Stacks, stories, motivation, and I'm Possible's most advanced concepts

- Receive access to the I'm Possible Trainer Portal

Your Instructor

Micah Lancaster
Micah Lancaster

Micah Lancaster, the founder of I'm Possible Training, is the creator of skill training innovations that have been popularized around the world and is one of the world's most recognized and respected skill development trainers. Micah's list of accomplishments include inventing the Rip Cone and the Weighted Tennis Ball, being the originator of the Medicine Basketball Training Methodology, co-inventing the Skill Lab Training Backboard, creating the world's first and only basketball footwork training system, directing a clinic with Kobe Bryant for Nike Basketball, and directing Kyrie3 and Kyrie4 training events for Kyrie Irving and Nike Basketball (2017 and 2018).

As the creator of a new modern day training methodology known as Skill Enhancement, Micah has worked with players at all levels including NBA players such as Victor Oladipo, Kyrie Irving, Karl-Anthony Towns, Brandon Ingram, Dwyane Wade, OG Anunoby, Marcus Morris, Evan Turner, Jeremy Lin, Ben McLemore, Avery Bradley, Jeff Green, Norman Powell, Delon Wright, and many more.

Course Curriculum

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Courses Included with Purchase

I'm Possible Trainer Portal
Only those with access to the I'm Possible Trainer Portal can consider themselves certified I'm Possible Trainers.
Micah Lancaster
2017 - I'm Possible Trainers Conference
Featuring Micah Lancaster, Anthony Porter, Bryce Stanhope, and Tanner Lind
Micah Lancaster
2016 -I'm Possible Trainers Conference
Featuring Micah Lancaster, DJ Sackmann, Anthony Porter, Bryce Stanhope, Jim Rocco, and Chris Reif
Micah Lancaster
2015 -I'm Possible Trainers Conference
Featuring Micah Lancaster, Jordan Lawley, DJ Sackmann, Anthony Porter, Jacob Tucker, and Jim Rocco
Micah Lancaster

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Mastery Portal start and finish
The portal starts now and never ends! It is an ongoing continuing education part of the I'm Possible certification process.
How long do I have access to the portal?
You have access to the Mastery Portal for as long as you remain an actively certified "Mastery Portal" trainer.

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